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CCHC relies on the help of each and every family. Without everyone's participation, the group would not run smoothly.  If you have not fulfilled your volunteer duty in its entirety, your family's place in the co-op will be relinquished.  It is not within the parameters of our vision and mission, nor our handbook policies, to allow children to continue benefiting from the efforts of others if parents are currently not fulfilling duties that were signed off on at the time of registration.

To fulfill membership, parents must serve 1 hour for every 1-2 class hours in the building. This job is done every Monday for the entire semester.


1 registered hour of class      = 1 service hour

2 registered hours of classes = 1 service hour

3 registered hours of classes = 2 service hours

4 registered hours of classes = 2 service hours


Because we are a community, parents might be asked to step in to help at any time, sometimes in addition to their usual service hours. This is necessary to maintain the flow of classes each week.


As we do not allow drop offs, parents of children in preK - 6th grade are required to stay in the building while their child(ren) are in classes.


  • 5+ Indicates a full hour will be needed daily with                             homework/reading along with tests/quizzes. 

  • 5- Daily reading, occasional assignments or 30-45 minutes of        daily work. 

  • 4- May have 3-4 days a week of homework

  • 3- May have a presentation to prepare, final project, or                  minimal readings/lap-book type homework, less than 1 hour      per week.

  • 2- Less than one hour of homework per week

  • 1- Optional homework

  • 0- No homework

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