Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

1st hour (8:30 - 9:25)

Ninja Rangers Program

This class works focuses on how to be more focused, confident and self-disciplined through learning self-defense based martial arts. The martial arts will focus on how to stand strong, strike powerfully, fall safely, avoid being hit and escaping a larger attacker when grabbed. We will also have a theme of the week that concentrate on drills and games that work on focus, coordination, balance, teamwork, and more!


Grades:        PK-4


Class Fee:    $130 for 1 family member. $110 each additional family member Additional Info:  For those students who would like  to continue their training at  Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts Naperville they will receive a 25%  discount at the dojo that will allow  them to attend up to 5 days per week.


Teacher:       Michael Eichenberg

Habitats Around the World

Come along, as we explore all the amazing places animals live! From the Arctic tundra, to the South American rainforest, we will study different habitats and the animals that live there. As we read books, make crafts, play games, and sort materials, we will have fun laughing and learning together!


Grade:                          PK-K

Materials fee:               $15

Required Supplies:      scissors, crayons, pencil, glue stick

Teacher:                        Paula Wangler

Aide:                             Becky Barajas

Workload:                     0 

Min:                               4    

Max: 12

2ND HOUR  (9:30 - 10:25)

Storybook Science

This fabulous class will combine children's books and science activities. We will spend time reading and discovering various captivating storybooks and then do a fun science activity based on what we have read. This class will give children a chance to make valuable connections between stories and real life applications. This will surely be a magical adventure!

Grade:                          PK-K

Materials Fee:              $10

Required Supplies:      crayons, scissors, glue, markers

Teacher:                        Casi Brown

Workload:                     0

Min:                               4 

Max:                             10


Daily Life Skills

In this class you will learn skills to help your family and how to do things for yourself. We will practice setting a table, sorting laundry, and practical everyday things you can use to be a productive member of your family. We will also learn about proper hygiene, being a good friend, and manners!

Grade:                          PK-K

Teacher:                       Stacey Smith

Materials Fee:              $10

Required Supplies:      crayons/markers, safety scissors, glue stick

Aide:                             Sandy Norris

Workload:                      0  

Min:                                4

Max:                              12

3RD HOUR (10:55 - 11:50)

Books & Cooks!

Do you love to listen to stories and help in the kitchen? In this class you will learn how to make snacks that go along with the story of the week. We will also work on math, language arts, learn rhymes, and play games that go along with the books.


Grade:                           PK-K

Teacher:                        Robyn Mantia

Materials Fee:               $10

Required Supplies:       crayons, scissors, glue stick

Aide:                             Jen Barr

Workload:                      1  

Min:                                4   

Max:                             10 


Fairytales & Fables

Do you like princesses, heroes, giants, and talking animals? Then you will love this class! In this class we will read new and classic stories and discuss their important life lessons. Class activities may include crafts, math, reading, and science.


Grade:                           PK-K

Teacher:                        Angela Luka

Materials Fee:               $15

Required Supplies:       glue stick, crayons, safety scissors

Aide:                             Katie Bohlin

Workload:                       0 

Min:                                 4

Max:                              12

4TH HOUR (11:55 - 12:50)


CLOSED-ABC's & 123's

Let's learn some numbers and letters! We'll be learning through story, song, workseets, crafts, games, etc. It's going to be fun! We'll start with letter recognition, and work our way to blends. If we have any that are ready to start reading, then we can definitely work that in for thos nuggets. As for the math, there'll be counting, number recognition, skip counting, shapes, patters, and possibly simple adding if anyone is ready.


Grade:                           PK-K

Teacher:                        Jessica Rutten

Materials Fee:               $10

Required Materials:      crayons, pencils, paper, glue, glue stick

Aide:                              Mandy Korzik

Workload:                        0 

Min:                                  4   

Max:                     10    


Culinary Arts

Hi Little artists.  Do you like healthy snacks? I know I do. Wouldn’t you like to learn about different healthy foods, snack on them and do a fun art project about that snack?  Then come snack along with me!


Grade:                            PK-K

Teacher:                         Christy Shue

Materials Fee:                $15, mainly for fresh food. Any unused $ will be returned.

Required Materials:       scissors, glue, crayons

Workload:                        0      

Min:                                  4    

Max:                               10