Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten


1st Hour (8:30 - 9:25)


Tiny Theologians

Every week we will focus on a Bible story, and do activities and crafts related to the story. We will also be incorporating A, B, C’s and 123’s to explain Bible basics like the nature of Jesus, the Trinity, the gospels, the fruit of the Spirit, and the ten Commandments while working on the phonetic sounds of the letters and tracing to strengthen future writing skills.



Teacher: Emily Volling

Minimum: 2 Maximum: 10

Materials Fee: $15.00

Required Supplies: Glue, Markers, crayons, pencil.

Workload: 0

Aide: Tamara & Brianna Barajas

 2nd Hour  (9:30 - 10:25)

Read with Me

Are you 3, 4, or 5 years old? Do you like to learn all you can about the world around you by touching, seeing, listening, and playing? Read With Me is the class for you, CCHC’s littlest learners. You will have fun playing, learning, and making friends. We will explore a new picture book each week, listen to the story, and do hands-on activities afterward relating to science, math, the Bible, literacy, and plenty of gross motor fun!


Minimum: 2 Maximum: 10

Materials Fee: $10.00

Required Supplies: Pencil, crayons, scissors, glue stick

Teacher: Paula Wangler

Aide: Angela Luka

Assembly Time (10:30 - 10:55)


3RD HOUR (11:00 - 11:55)

Sing and Play Piano-Group Piano Lessons Level 1

This class is a fun way for little ones to be introduced to piano. Class will be full of games, musical stories, marching with instruments, learning musical notes, rhythm, and simple songs to sing and play on piano. This class teaches children to learn the names of all the white keys on the piano. They will also learn beginning theory(quarter notes, half notes, treble clef, etc and other musical symbols and theory). Also, there is a level 2 class available which includes reading music and can be offered the following semester. Together, these make a great foundation prior to private lessons.  The class is geared to young minds and gives a great, exciting start to piano. I have taught this class off and on for about 20 years now and I love it!

***The class is intentionally kept small so that each child receives individual help/ instruction.

Grade: PreK-K  Ages 4-5 (possibly to age 6)

Minimum students: 2 Maximum students: 4

Class fee: $55

Materials fee: I will provide the supplies needed; I will also provide a piano book for each child that they will need to bring to class each week.

Required supplies: Keyboard or piano at home to practice on.

Workload: 2 Daily practice required

Teacher: Jennifer Larson

Aide: Adam or Matthew Larson

Little Scientists CLOSED

Do you love nature? Do you like science experiments? Then this is the class for you! Each week we will explore a different day of creation from the book of Genesis. We will learn about everything from weather to dinosaurs! Class time will include crafts, reading, experiments, and activities.

Min :4. Max: 8

Supplies fee: $20.00
Required supplies: some type of coloring supplies (markers/pencils/crayons), pencil &eraser, safety scissors, glue stick, smock or old shirt
Teacher: Angela Luka
Aide: Katie Bohlin

4th Hour (12:00 - 12:55)

The Art of the Bible


Hey friends, come join me every week and we will read a Bible story together and make a fun craft that is centered around our story. Do you like to sing and dance? Because we will also be learning Bible verse songs as well.


Minimum 5. Maximum 10

Materials fee: $15

Supplies: crayons, pencils, WET glue

Workload: 0

Teacher: Christy Shue (Miss Lulu)