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Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

1st Hour (8:30 - 9:25)

Playing Preschool

We will be exploring and learning through read aloud’s, activities, and play. Each week will be a different theme ranging from the five senses to weather.

Teacher: Paige Galloway    

Aide: Emily Volling 

Class Fee:  $20    

Minimum # of Students- 3        

Maximum # of Students- 8           

Workload: 0

Required Supplies: Pencils, crayons, glue sticks, and scissors

2nd Hour  (9:30 - 10:25)

Little Bookworms

Every week we will read stories, work on a craft that goes with our story, and focus on paying attention and playing with others.

Teacher: Melissa Weller

Aide: Cailin Titre

Class Fee:  $20    

Minimum # of Students- 4        

Maximum # of Students- 10           

Workload: 0

Required Supplies: Crayons, markers, glue, and scissors

Math Arts - Exploring Math through Arts for 3+ year-olds

Hands-on projects designed to help children discover essential math skills through a creative process.

Teacher: Cira Linko      

Co-Teacher: Abby Madanat   

Class Fee: $20      

Minimum # of Students- 1       

Maximum # of Students- 10           

Workload: 0

Required Supplies: Coloring, utensils, glue and scissors

Fun with Beginners Math K-3rd Grade

This class will cover how to count and write with numbers 1 to 120, addition and subtraction up to 20, skip counting by twos, threes, fives, and tens, Basic fractions like 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4, Telling time with and digital and analog clocks, How to measure with a ruler and more! The kids will be given weekly worksheets to practice what we have learned. * This class would be a great fit for kids in kindergarten and first grade, but older kids are welcome too!

Teacher: Jen Lockie      

Co-Teacher: Needed   

Class Fee: $25      

Minimum # of Students- 4       

Maximum # of Students- 14           

Workload: 2

Required Supplies: Designated binder, tab dividers, ruler, pencils, and colored pencils or crayons

Assembly Time (10:30 - 10:55)

3RD HOUR (11:00 - 11:55)

Make-Believe with Me

Preschoolers and Kindergarteners learn best through play, but setting up meaningful play experiences is a lot of work! In this class all the work is done for you. Children will get to play and learn in a different dramatic space each month. Examples include: grocery store, vets office, post office, farm, etc. The focus of this class will be playing together, taking turns, sharing and learning through play.

Teacher:  Jessie Majerus   

Aide:  Jaren Worjewoda

Class Fee: $20     

Minimum # of Students- 5        

Maximum # of Students-  12          

Workload: 0

Required Supplies: None


Monday Morning Movin’

Counting and reciting ABC’s while playing sports and games develops physical and cognitive development. We will have fun while working on motor skills, reaction speed, balance, and coordination. From stretches to cardio, the kids will have a “ball”, resulting in naps on the ride home.

Teacher: Andy Kurylo   

Aide: Christy Shue

Class Fee: $15      

Minimum # of Students- 6        

Maximum # of Students- 12   

Workload: 0

Required Supplies: Gym shoes and labeled water bottle

4th Hour (12:00 - 12:55)

Dance and Move

In this class, we will be learning dance moves through imagination and movement. Our music will guide us through in our long journey of movement and fun. We will be using different kinds of dance props to keep the learning fun. We will learn a special dance to perform for our families at the Christmas program!

Teacher: Tammy Thompson          

Aide: Jenifer Brockman

Class Fee: $20      

Minimum # of Students- 5         

Maximum # of Students-15            

Workload: 0 

Required Supplies: None

Little Sprouts


Little Sprouts begins by planting seeds. In this class we all read aloud a story each week, work on our alphabet letters and sounds, work on numbers and counting, and introducing adding and subtracting. Each month we will focus on a character quality like kindness, obedience, and sharing. We will have coloring pages and cutting and gluing at times.

Teacher:  Danielle Larson        

Aide: Brianna Barajas

Class Fee: $20       

Minimum # of Students- 4   

Maximum # of Students- 12

Workload: 0

Required Supplies: Basic school supplies, coloring utensils, scissors, and glue



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