Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten


1st hour (8:30 - 9:25)

Under the Deep Blue Sea

Come along with me as we board our submarine and dive beneath the waves. We will discover the ocean creatures of the past (dinosaurs), present, and legend (mermaids). As we read books, do crafts and activities we will learn what was, what is, and what could be, under the deep blue sea!

Grade:                           PK-K

Materials fee:                $20

Required Supplies:       water color paints, crayons, safety scissors, and glue stick

Teacher:                        Angela Luka

Aide:                              Katie Bohlin

Workload: 0                  Min: 4            Max: 12


2ND HOUR  (9:30 - 10:25)

Junior Zoo Ranger

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure with the coolest creatures? Well we are going to learn about some awesome animals, from ones that hangout in the ocean, to ones that prefer the trees. On these encounters we will use STEAM activities to adventure into the wild world of animals. As we learn, the kids will have a chance to earn badges for each animal fact they can remember!

Grade:                            PK-K

Materials Fee:               $15

Required Supplies:       crayons/markers, scissors, white glue, glue stick, watercolor paint set

Teacher:                        Casi Brown

Aide:                              Jen Barr

Workload: 0                   Min: 5         Max: 10




CLOSED: Sing and Play Piano

Do you want your little one to learn to play piano? Join this super fun, hands-on piano class.  It includes lots of games, marching, coloring, and much more! Student must be at least 4 years old. This will be a group piano lesson, where the teacher will spend time with each child individually to check on his/her progress.


Grade:                            4-6 years old

Materials Fee:               $55 (includes piano book)

Required Supplies:       Access to a piano or keyboard at home

Teacher:                        Jennifer Larson

Workload: 2                   Min: 2         Max: 4


Amazing Math

In this Math class we will learn about basic addition, subtraction, counting, patterns, shapes and money! We will learn about all these things through games, crafts, worksheets and activities.

Grade:                            PK-K

Materials Fee:               $10

Required Supplies:       pencils, safety scissors, glue sticks, markers and crayons

Teacher:                        Stacey Smith

Aide:                              Erin Range

Workload: 0                   Min: 4         Max: 12

3RD HOUR (11:00 - 11:55)

Kindergarten Fun

Come have some fun learning with me! We will learn together, the days of the week, months of the year, alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. through various fun activities.


Grade:                           PK-K

Teacher:                        Selena Visser

Aide:                              Vanessa Rosales

Materials Fee:               $15

Required Supplies:       supplies will be provided

Workload: 0                   Min: 4         Max: 12




CLOSED - Creative Art

We will be making fun art projects every week and learning about all the different forms of art!


Grade:                           PK-K

Teacher:                        Mandy Korzik

Aide:                              Heather Aleman

Materials Fee:               $10

Required Supplies:       Markers, crayons, scissors, Elmer’s glue and any other of your child’s favorite art supplies

Workload: 0                   Min: 4         Max: 10



4TH HOUR (12:00 - 12:55)


CLOSED - Dance & Tumble

Do you have a tiny dancer?  This is the class for you. We will spend 3 weeks on each:  ballet, jazz, hip hop, & tumbling.


Grade:                            PK-K

Teacher:                        Jessica Rutten

Aide:                              Angela Luka

Materials Fee:               $10

Required Materials:      comfy clothes that they can move around in easily

Workload: 0                   Min: 4         Max: 10     



Art of the Alphabet

Hey kids!  Did you know we can use the alphabet for more things than spelling? Yep, we can also use it to make beautiful pieces of art!  Every week, we’ll make new projects using new letters. Maybe even one that’s in your name. We’ll also learn about our friends in our class, and how God has created every one of you to be his own unique, artistic masterpiece.

Grade:                            PK-K

Teacher:                        Christy Shue

Aide:                              Jenn Barr

Materials Fee:               $15

Required Materials:      scissors, wet glue, crayons

Workload: 0                   Min: 5         Max: 12