1st, 2nd, 3 Grade

1ST HOUR - (8:30 - 9:25)


Ninja Rangers Program

This class works focuses on how to be more focused, confident and self-disciplined through learning self-defense based martial arts. The martial arts will focus on how to stand strong, strike powerfully, fall safely, avoid being hit and escaping a larger attacker when grabbed. We will also have a theme of the week that concentrate on drills and games that work on focus, coordination, balance, teamwork, and more!


Grades:                          Pre-k - 4th grade

Class Fee:                      $130 for 1 family member. $110 each additional family member Additional Info:   For those students who would                                             like to continue their training at  Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts Naperville they will receive a 25%  discount at the                                                 dojo that will allow  them to attend up to 5 days per week.

Teacher:                         Michael Eichenberg



Math Wars

Fine tune your math skills and entertain your competitive spirit by participating in math wars. Each week will be a different game that will require you to use your critical thinking skills to compete against yourself or your classmates.

Grade                            1-3

Materials Fee:               $5

Required Supplies:       pencil, paper, skinny dry erase marker, dry  erase eraser (cloth), small calculator

Teacher:                         Michele Anderson

Aide:                              Kim Oleszkiewicz

Workload:                      0  

Min:                                5

Max:                               16



2ND HOUR (9:30 - 10:25)

CLOSED-American Explorers

Join me as we travel back through time and join the Vikings as they landed on the shores of North America. We will be journeying along with Columbus, Lewis and Clark (and others), and the important people who helped them become successful. We will learn why their discoveries were important and the impact they made!

Note to parents: While I will not dive into the deeper part of the story of Columbus, I will address that while he did great things, he was a sinner too. The best thing we can do is learn from history, condemn the actions, and now that we know better, we can be better.


Grade                            1-3

Materials Fee:               $20

Required Supplies:       1" 3 ring binder, glue, pencils, colored pencils,  scissors

Teacher:                         Melissa Terhorst

Workload:                      2.5

Min:                                6  

Max:                               12


CLOSED - First Aid Basics

In this class you will learn about different systems of the body and how to apply basic first aid skills if something goes wrong. For example, we will learn about the integumentary system (skin), how it protects the body from germs, and how to clean and bandage an injury. We will also go over calling 911, fire safety, and what to do if you get lost in public. Each week we will do hands-on projects or art projects to help you understand the skill we learn!


Grade:                            1-3

Materials Fee:                $15

Required Supplies:        folder, pencils or erasable pens, crayons or colored pencils, markers, scissors, and a bottle                                          of glue

Teacher:                          Jennifer Lockie

Aide:                               Sheri Crymes

Workload:                      3   

Min:                                4

Max:                              12



3RD HOUR (10:55 - 11:50)


CLOSED-The History of Art

We will take different forms of art each week and have a short lesson, then we will create our own art piece based off what we learned. Most of these art lessons/projects will be inspired by famous artists throughout history. We will do lots of painting, cutting, gluing, and using our creative imaginations.


Grade:                            1-3

Materials Fee:               $25; any money not spent will be returned

Required Supplies:       scissors, pencils

Teacher:                         Angela Gregory

Aide:                              Gabby Santos

Workload:                      0-1

Min:                                4   

Max:                               12


CLOSED-No Limits

Does your kiddo need a brain break in the middle of their day? Get the wiggles out with me in this energy burning, muscle building, skill developing class! We will play rhythm games, cross midline, play outside, and do your regular gym class activities. Be ready to do a few minutes of practice at home each day. The sky is the limit!


Grade:                           1-3

Materials Fee:               $5

Required Supplies:       gym shoes

Teacher:                         Mandi Capo

Aide:                              Heather Aleman

Workload:                     1

Min:                               8    

Max:                              12

4TH HOUR (11:55 - 12:50)


CLOSED - Real Life Chemistry

In this class you will learn to appreciate chemistry in everyday life. Each week you will see science come to life through an experiment, and then learn how it works, and how it is used in the world around us. Some weeks will be hands on, other weeks you will just observe, and there will be a few experiments you can bring home.


Grade:                           1-3

Materials Fee:               $10

Required Supplies:       traditional school supplies: paper, pen, pencil,  folder and colored pencils/markers/crayons

Teacher:                         Kim Oleszkiewicz

Aide:                              Krissy Tyrell

Workload:                     1  

Min:                               4

Max:                              12


 CLOSED-Beginning Sign Language

In this class you will learn how to communicate through sign language. We will cover topics about feelings, alphabet, numbers, getting along, family, outside, seasons, food, days of the week, pets, and animals. Each week we will play a game or complete an activity that will help you learn new signs. By the end of the semester, you will need to memorize the alphabet in sign language and demonstrate it for the class.


Grade:                            1-3

Materials Fee:                $20

Required Supplies:        folder, pencils or erasable pens, crayons or  colored pencils, markers, scissors, and a bottle of glue

Teacher:                         Jennifer Lockie

Aide:                              Abby Mandat

Workload:                      3 

Min:                                6 

Max:                               12