1st ,2nd,3rd Grade

1st Hour  (8:30 - 9:25)

Tell me about YOU!

Students will be learning about their family history. We will explore where their family originated from. Students will interview older family members to learn more of their history. Stories will be recorded in a "All about me" journal. Parents, grandparents will be asked questions and asked to help fill in answers to complete the personal journals.

Teacher: Becky Keller          Aide: Paula Wangler

Required Supplies: Pencils , both colored and regular. Scissors, glue stick

CLASS FEE: $10       Minimum # of Students- 2       Maximum # of Students- 15     Workload: 1


2nd Hour (9:30 - 10:25)

5 in a Row- CLOSED

Come join us every week as we read a book, and extend our learning with fun activities and projects. Each week’s storybook will launch our class into learning more about science, math, and the world around us. We will even explore art activities and nature as the books provide opportunities!


Teacher: Jennifer Barr          Aide: Jessica Garner

Required Supplies: Crayons or colored pencils, glue stick, scissors

CLASS FEE: $10       Minimum # of Students- 4       Maximum # of Students- 12     Workload: 0

Move Those Little Muscles CLOSED

There’ll be games. There’ll be exercise. There may even be some dancing.


Teacher: Jessica Rutten          Aide: Jodi Rupp

Required Supplies: Gym shoes, water, and clothes to move around in.


CLASS FEE: $15       Minimum # of Students- 4       Maximum # of Students- 12     Workload: 0

Assembly (10:30 - 10:55)

3rd Hour (11:00 - 11:55)


Master's Art CLOSED

Each week we will learn about a different artist and the style they are famous for. Using a variety of mediums we will create our own masterpieces. This is the perfect class for kids who love to create and aren't afraid to get a little dirty! Play clothes or smocks are encouraged.  *Class workload- projects may not get finished in class and students can finish them at home. The time it takes depends on the student.

Teacher: Angie Luka          Aide: Jaren Wojewoda

Required Supplies: Folder, colored pencils or crayons, fine(tip) line markers set of 10 or more, pencil and erasers, scissors, glue sticks (2), roll of masking tape, liquid glue, pencil case or box to keep supplies in, smock /old t-shirt/ or play clothes.

CLASS FEE: $25       Minimum # of Students- 5       Maximum # of Students- 12     Workload: 2

Art Of Anatomy CLOSED

In our class we will be learning how our body works both inside and out.  We’ll do fun experiments and activities each week. From blood to bones, and Yes, even the Super Stinky Stuff

Teacher:    Christy Barnes-Shue “Miss Lulu”        Aide: Heather Aleman

Required Supplies: Pencils, crayons, scissors, glue

CLASS FEE: $20       Minimum # of Students-6        Maximum # of Students- 12     Workload: 0

4th Hour (11:55 - 12:50)

Exploring North America-CLOSED

Climb aboard as we travel across North America. We will be taking a fun and exciting adventure to learn about the explorers who discovered this land. Each week we will dive into what it took to be one of these awesome explorers and how they conquered this vast continent.


Teacher: Casandra Brown          Aide: None

Required Supplies: Pencil and coloring items

CLASS FEE: $15       Minimum # of Students- 4       Maximum # of Students- 10     Workload: 1

Zoology CLOSED

Do you like learning about animals? In this class we will do a science experiment or hands-on project every week to help us learn more about our furry (and not-so-furry) friends. From classifying creatures to learning about adaptations, get ready to grow in your knowledge and understanding of animals! Come every week ready to create, make, study, and learn!


Teacher: Paula Wangler          Aide: Erin Range

Required Supplies: pencils, colored pencils or crayons, scissors, glue stick, folder

CLASS FEE: $10       Minimum # of Students- 4       Maximum # of Students- 17     Workload: 2