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1st Hour  (8:30 - 9:25)

American Sign Language MS/HS

This course is an introduction to American Sign Language grammar, Deaf culture/history and basic conversational vocabulary with an expressive project and deaf event attendance requirement. Completing the entire year with a 70% or better will earn you a year of foreign language credit for college applications.

Teacher: Sarah Spoerl          

Aide: Jen Lockie

Class Fee: $136 for individual/ $256 for siblings     

Minimum # of Students- 5       

Maximum # of Students- 15     

Workload: 5

Required Supplies: 1 inch binder, notebook, writing utensils, portable whiteboard with markers, colored pencils

Crock University 

Each week we will dive deep into the world of culinary arts. We will be testing our skills to hone in on how to make masterpieces at home. The crockpot will be our main vessel but we will work on knife skills, flavor combos, and so much more. The students will bring home a deliciously prepared meal each week.

Teacher: Casandra Brown          

Aide: Jessica Rutten

Class Fee: $75    

Minimum # of Students- 5      

Maximum # of Students- 10    

Workload: 2

Required Supplies:  Crock pot, measuring cups, measuring spoons, cutting board, knifes, food - a recipe will be supplied and some ingredients will need to be purchased.

2nd Hour (9:30 - 10:25)

Forensics 102 -MS/HS  

Forensics 102 is going to pick up right where Forensics 101 left off. We will continue exploring several fascinating topics of forensics including: DNA fingerprinting/profiling, toxicology, ballistics, blood evidence, entomology, anthropology and lastly death investigation. We will dive into each topic and go further than scratching the service as we do hands on activities for each topic. Forensics 101 is not a prerequisite, but encouraged. Please be prepared for 1-2 field trips outside of class time.

Teacher: Melissa Terhorst          

Aide: None

Class Fee: $100 per semester- this is a year long course

Lab Fee: $25 per semester

Minimum # of Students: 5           

Maximum # of Students: 14           

Workload: 4- light end of semester project

Required Supplies: A dedicated binder, writing utensils, notebook, an inquisitive mind

IEW Essay & Creative Writing (8th-high school)

Using principles from the IEW program, students will build confidence in their writing by learning structure and style techniques in essay and creative writing. Lessons will cover thesis statements, dramatic openers, introductions and conclusions in order to write formal essays, as well as style technique for creative writing. The class is ideal for students who already have solid writing skills but need more structure and accountability. Taught by an accredited IEW instructor. This is a 2 semester course.

Teacher: Julie Renner          

Aide: None

Class Fee: $150 per semester- this is a year long course

Minimum # of Students: 8           

Maximum # of Students:            

Workload: 5

Required Supplies: Elegant Essay student book, Student Resource Packet from IEW, binder, colored pens, highlighter, paper, access to Google Classroom and student Gmail.

Constitution and U.S. Government

During this year long class the students will be focusing on how our government works, it's history, and who is involved. We will be starting with the birth of our independent country after the American Revolution and ending with our government today. Towards the end of the second semester we will be discussing the Illinois constitution and government. Throughout this class the students will be taking a series of quizzes after we finish each section. Their will be a final culminating test during the second semester. Students can expect a moderate amount of written work in addition to studying for tests and quizzes. This is a subject that I enjoy teaching, as I have taught American History for a good number of years to seventh graders

Teacher: Tom Speilman          

Aide: None

Class Fee: $65 per semester ( year long course)

Minimum # of Students:7           

Maximum # of Students: 15           

Workload: 4

Required Supplies: Standard writing supplies. I will be supplying all students with most copies of handouts and booklets when needed.

3rd Hour (10:45 - 11:50)


Students will learn hair care, styling techniques, braids, makeup techniques, how to care for skin and nails, and anatomy of the hair, skin and nails. The class price includes a student beauty kit which contains: mannequin head, combs, clips, brushes, elastic bands, styling tool, mount, water bottle, and make-up brush set

Teacher: Nicole Paulsen         

Aide: Alicia Coughlin and Natalie Bolyn

Class Fee: $85

Minimum # of Students: 4           

Maximum # of Students: 12           

Workload: 2

Required Supplies: Curling iron, straightening iron, makeup(lists will go out in class of needed products), styling products (list will go out in class of needed products), & blow dryer

Fitness- MS/HS 

We will begin each class with a health lesson, and finish with exercise and learning to play different sports.

Teacher: Jessica Rutten         

Aide: Tracie Orlowski  ​

Class Fee: $15

Minimum # of Students: 6          

Maximum # of Students: 12           

Workload: 0

Required Supplies:  Water, comfy clothes, gym shoes, notebook, folder and pencil

High School Biology


A Science Shepherd Biology class that meets all the requirements for a high school credit as a lab class. This biology class will cover the topics of cells, enzymes, DNA, heredity, viruses, bacteria, and parts of the plant and animal kingdoms. This is an academic class with a heavy homework load. The bulk of learning for this class will be independent study. Students will be expected to read assigned weekly chapters from the textbook and answer review questions. Class time will be spent performing labs that pertain to the information read in the textbook. The second semester labs will focus on dissection where students will perform 7 dissections. This class is subject to the CCHC academic agreement.

Teacher: Kim Oleszkiewicz and Melissa Terhorst         

Aide: Allison Shelly

Class Fee: $100 per semester (year long course)          

Supply Fee: $150 

Minimum # of Students: 4           

Maximum # of Students: 12            

Workload: 5+

Required Supplies: Science Shepherd Biology text book (Third edition), lab safety goggles, dedicated lab notebook, calculator, dedicated binder, internet access, colored pencils, and pencils.

4th Hour (11:55 - 12:55)

Special Topics in Literature: C.S. Lewis

 During this class, students will be learning about C.S. Lewis and the historical context he was writing from and how it shaped his works. We will initially start off with a deep dive into his fantasy series - The Chronicles of Narnia. We will focus on the fantasy genre and “subcreation,” learning how literary devices function in the text, and how to craft a literary analysis in MLA format. Students will be expected to read a book every 1-2 weeks and complete a journal entry to accompany their reading and answer study guide questions that we will discuss in class. There will be a fair amount of writing assignments, quizzes, and a final project/presentation. 


Teacher: Emily Volling               

Aide: Katey Watson

Class Fee: $60 per semester (year long course)

Lab Fee: $0

Minimum # of Students: 5           

Maximum # of Students: 15           

Workload: 5

Required Supplies: Dedicated binder, notebook, writing utensils. A list of assigned books will be given at the start of class and can either be rented from the library or purchased.

Photography 101/Yearbook Class

Join us in this introduction to digital photography class and start learning about the art of photography. We will learn about using natural lighting, composition rules, the exposure triangle, portraits, and much more! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to make their pictures look more artistic and experiment with new techniques they learn in class. Each student will create a portfolio to showcase their best work for an end of semester project. Students will have the opportunity to put their new skills to use in the spring semester by taking part in a Yearbook Class where the class will work together to make a 2023-2024 yearbook for CCHC.

Teacher: Paula Wangler        

Aide:    ​Jennifer Lockie

Class Fee: $75 for Fall Semster  

                       $65 for Spring Semester

Minimum # of Students: 5          

Maximum # of Students: 15           

Workload: 3

Required Supplies: A camera - DSLR, point and shoot, or iPhone; pencil; 1” binder


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