1st Hour (8:15 - 9:30)


Physical Science  CLOSED


A BJU science class that meets all the requirements for a high school credit in physical as a lab class. This is an academic class with a heavy homework load. Physical science is a combination of physics and chemistry. The Fall semester will cover matter, measurement, kinematics, dynamics, energy, simple machines, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and electricity labs and the Spring will focus on magnetism, motion/waves, sound, electromagnetic energy, light/optics, atoms, elements, bonding/compounds, chemical reactions, mixtures/solutions, and acids/bases/salts. This class is subject to the CCHC Academic Agreement.

Grade Level: HS

Minimum students: 6

Maximum students: 10  

Class Fee: $100/semester. This is a year-long class

Supply/lab fees: $200/year this includes lab materials, glassware, chemicals and cleaning supplies.

Required supplies: BJU Physical Science Textbook (Sixth edition), lab goggles, dedicated lab notebook, dedicated biology binder, internet access, colored pencils, pencils, and the Physical Science Lab Book.

Workload: 5+ (There will be daily work and weekly tests)

Teacher: Kim Oleszkiewicz

Aide: Alicia Coughlin

Public speaking and Practical Life Skills: A course to improve your confidence speaking among friends, with strangers or just telling a joke

Many people rank Public Speaking as one of their greatest fears. This curriculum for high school is designed to remove the intimidation factor and provide so much FUN along the way that Speech becomes an opportunity for success instead of a recipe for disaster. Shy kids learn to find their voices and confident kids learn to hone their public speaking skills. Topics and preparation will include public reading, interview skills, object lessons, children's message and a biographical speech.


Grade Level: 8th-HS

Minimum number of Students: 6

Maximum number of Students: 12

Materials Fee: $40/semester (2 semester course)

Required Supplies: Ability to produce manuscripts and notecards. Practice at home.

Workload (0-5): If 5 is the highest I would say this is a workload of 2, but for some it is a challenge (speaking in front of peers) of 3-4.

Teacher Name: Pr. Kurt Hoover

Aide: I do not have an aid at this time but would be happy to have a parent help out if they are interested. I will need a feedback team for 2 or 3 of the days. Please let me know if you are interested.




2nd Hour  (9:35 - 10:40)



If you enjoy Art and Crafting this is the class for you! In the next 12 weeks we will be doing all kinds of hands on Art and Crafting projects such as holiday wreaths, resin jewelry, modge podge, sketching, painting a still life and much, much more.


Grade:                  MS/HS

Class Fee:            $150

Required Supplies: sharp scissors, markers, colored pencils, hot glue gun with glue, smock to protect their clothes if needed, items to personalize your wreath.

Teacher:              Mandy Korzik

Aide:                    Selena Visser

Workload:            4    Min: 5   Max: 12

Microsoft Office (Project Based Learning)

Your student will be learning how to use Excel, Powerpoint, Word and even creating a webpage. Each week a new project will be tackled, some examples are: calendars, grade sheets, correct e-mail etiquette, budget, and a post-high school plan. License fee for use of curriculum is non-refundable.

Prerequisite: basic typing skills, mouse use, finding files and a basic knowledge of opening and using Word.



Grade Level: 9-12 (approval needed for younger students)

Minimum number of Students: 5

Maximum number of Students: 10

Materials Fee: $75 (plus a $22.50 license for Project Based Learning License - which is non-refundable once purchased)

Required Supplies: Laptop/Chromebook with Microsoft Office installed (not Google suite)

Workload: 5 (successful completion of all coursework qualifies student for .5 HS computer skills elective credit. Credit is awarded by parent at the discretion of the parent).

Teacher Name: Christina Petrik

Who is your aide: Jessica Garner



3rd Hour (10:45 - 11:50)



Learning creative writing, persuasive essays, timed essay writing with prompts, poetry, short stories, discussion of novel writing, and research paper with citation (picking topics not too narrow and not to broad)

Grade Level: High School 

Minimum number of students: 4

Maximum number of students: 10

Materials fees: $20/semester

Class fee: $150/year (This is a year-long class)

Required materials: composition notebook, pencils, ability to print typed papers to turn in, 1 report cover with clear front. 

Workload: freshman-sophomore 3-4, junior-senior 5 (grade appropriate assignments)

Teacher name: Emily Sault

Aide: Victoria Gladden

4th Hour (11:55 - 12:55)

Forensics 101 CLOSED


There is a fascinating world in forensics. Join me as we go through what forensics entails. We will learn the history, investigation process, explore crime scenes, travel through the courtroom as trials unfold and more. We will discover what is involved in nearly every aspect of the process from types of evidence, breaking down witness testimony and even trial preparation. This will be a 2-part class (fall/spring).



Grade Level: MS/HS

Minimum number of Students:4

Maximum number of Students:10

Materials Fee: $100

Required Supplies: general school supplies, 1 1/2 in 3ring binder, dedicated single subject notebook, possible need of a microscope.

Workload: 3.5, light end of semester project

Teacher Name: Melissa Terhorst

Who is your aide: n/a

Constitution and U.S. Government

During this year long class the students will be focusing on how our government works, it's history, and who is involved. We will be starting with the birth of our independent country after the American Revolution and ending with our government today. Towards the end of the second semester we will be discussing the Illinois constitution and government. Throughout this class the students will be taking a series of quizzes after we finish each section. There will be a final culminating test during the second semester. Students can expect a moderate amount of written work in addition to studying for tests and quizzes. This is a subject that I enjoy teaching, as I have taught American History for a good number of years to seventh graders.

Grades:                MS/HS 

Class Fee:            $65

Supplies:              Students will be required to have a notebook and writing utensils in class every day. I will be supplying all students with                                                  most copies of handouts and booklets when needed.

Teacher:             Tom Spielman

Aide:                  None

Workload:            4        Min: 5    Max: 15