1st Hour (8:15 - 9:30)

Earth Science-HS CLOSED

A Master Books science class that meets all the requirements for a high school credit in earth science as a lab class. This earth science is a combination of geology, weather, astronomy, and oceanography. This is an academic class with a heavy homework load. The bulk of learning for this class will be independent study. Students will be expected to read assigned weekly chapters from the textbook and answer review questions. Class time will spent performing labs pertaining to the information read in the textbook. This class is subject to the CCHC academic agreement.


Teacher: Kim Oleszkiewicz          Aide: ​Becky Barajas

Required Supplies: Master Books Geology, Weather, Astronomy, and Oceanography textbooks, goggles, dedicated lab notebook, calculator, dedicated binder, internet access, colored pencils, and pencils.


CLASS FEE: $100 per semester- year long class            Lab Fee: $100/year this includes printing costs, lab materials, glassware, and cleaning supplies


Minimum # of Students- 4      Maximum # of Students- 10   Workload: 5+ (There will be daily work and weekly tests)

American Sign Language MS/HS


Sarah is a certified teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing.  Class objectives include learning to sign the alphabet and be able to read varying lengths of fingerspelled words; sign and read numbers into the thousands; tell/ask the time; tell/ask about ages; sign the Happy Birthday song, Lord’s Prayer and a basic autobiographical paragraph (end project); identify 4 ways to repair a communication breakdown (what to do when you don’t understand what someone is signing) and appropriate ways to get a deaf person’s attention; recognize common myths about deaf people as being false and why; be able to greet a deaf person in a variety of ways in sign language; sign and read your basic colors, animals, feelings, family member names, household goods, various foods, calendar terms, school terms, basic jobs, sports, and transportation terms; sign what your favorite things are; what you like or don’t like; and ask questions about other’s likes/dislike.  https://signlanguagewithsarah.com/

Teacher: Sarah Spoerl           Aide: Jen Lockie

Required Supplies:  Basic school supplies: folder, pen, pencil, coloring tools, notebook.

CLASS FEE: $204/semester    *25% discount if a sibling signs up for ASL and parents are welcome to stay and learn for free 

Minimum # of Students:  5         Maximum # of Students: 15           Workload: 5

2nd Hour  (9:35 - 10:40)

Forensics 102 -MS/HS  


Forensics 102 is going to pick up right where Forensics 101 left off. We will continue exploring several fascinating topics of forensics including: DNA fingerprinting/profiling, toxicology, ballistics, blood evidence, entomology, anthropology and lastly death investigation. We will dive into each topic and go further than scratching the service as we do hands on activities for each topic. Forensics 101 is not a prerequisite, but encouraged. Please be prepared for 1-2 field trips outside of class time.

Teacher: Melissa Terhorst          Aide: ​None

Required Supplies: A dedicated binder, writing utensils, notebook, an inquisitive mind


CLASS FEE: $100 per semester- this is a year long course            Lab Fee: $25 ( per semester)  


Minimum # of Students- 5      Maximum # of Students- 12   Workload: 4- light end of semester project

History- American Revolution (MS/HS) CLOSED

During this 12 week long class the students will be focusing on what led to and the events of the American Revolution for Independence.  Students can expect a moderate amount of written work in addition to studying for tests and quizzes. There will also be an individual or group project or presentation. This is a subject that I enjoy teaching, as I have taught American History for a good number of years to seventh graders in public school in Joliet. Students will be required to have a notebook and writing utensils in class every day. They will be required to take notes from Power point presentations. I would like to continue in the Spring Session with the Civil War.

Teacher:  Tom Speilman           Aide: No

Required Supplies: Notebook and writing utensils in every class.  Handouts and booklets will be supplied when needed 


CLASS FEE: $65       Minimum # of Students: 5           Maximum # of Students: 15           Workload: 4

3rd Hour (10:45 - 11:50)

Forensics 101 MS/HS-CLOSED


There is a fascinating world in forensics. Join me as we go through what forensics entails. We will learn the history, investigation process, explore crime scenes, travel through the courtroom as trials unfold and more. We will discover what is involved in nearly every aspect of the process from types of evidence, breaking down witness testimony and even trial preparation. This will be a 2-part class (fall/spring).  

Teacher: Melissa Terhorst          Aide: ​Christina Petrik

Required Supplies: general school supplies, 1 1/2 in 3ring binder, dedicated single subject notebook, possible need of a microscope


CLASS FEE: $100 per semester- this is a year course         Lab Fee: $25  Minimum # of Students- 4      Maximum # of Students- 14   Workload: 3.5- light end of semester project

Crafting 101-Sample Class MS/HS


This is an introduction to crafting class. This class will cover macrame, cross stitch, drawing, design, and hook latch. At the end of the class you will not only have some new skills, but some nice gifts too.


Teacher:  Katey Watson          Co-Teacher: Andrea Michel         

Required Supplies: All supplies are included

CLASS FEE: $45  Minimum # of Students- 5       Maximum # of Students- 10    Workload: 2

4th Hour (11:55 - 12:55)

Adulting 101- MS/HS 

In this class we will dive into the real world head first. Are you ready to go beyond the classroom and learn about the art of taking care of a family and household? Or learn some practical outdoor skills and how to have a more self reliant household? Then this is the class for you. We all know Adulting can be hard but having the right skills can make it easier.

Teacher:  Cassandra Brown          Co-Teacher: Jessica Rutten         

Required Supplies: Notebook, pencils, folder, some items may be needed throughout the class

CLASS FEE: $100    Minimum # of Students- 5       Maximum # of Students- 10    Workload: 4