1st hour (8:15 - 9:30)


Let’s Argue- Logic


Did you ever have a squabble with a friend that did not go well? Did she manipulate your emotions? Did he provide misleading or confusing information? Did they miss the point? In this class, we will learn how to spot and avoid bad arguments while learning to strengthen our own cases by studying the 28 errors in logic frequently found in our fallacious world. We will search for examples each week in commercials, videos, music lyrics, printed ads and more. We will design our own fallacious ads to sell products and to run for office. Will you win?


Grades:                          MS/HS

Class Fee:                     $60

Required Supplies:       The Art of Argument (Classic Academic Press, 2010)

Teacher:                        Victoria Gladden-Torres

Workload: 4                   Min: 5         Max: 12


Literature, Analyzation, and Writing - IEW

In this class, we will take a deep dive back. We will read, study, and write about works from Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The first semester we will cover: The Epic of Gilgamesh, Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, and Quo Vadis by Henry Sienkiewicz. The second semester will be filled with Shakespeare. We will cover Julius Caesar, Henry V, A Comedy of Errors, and some sonnet selections. Vocabulary will also be a component of this class.

Grades:                          HS

Class Fee:                     $150

Required Supplies:        The students will need a clean copy of each of these books. Used books are fine. A binder with paper is also required. A pack of clear sheet protectors will also be needed. Barrons - Picture These SAT Words 4 Edition is also needed and can be purchased on Amazon.                

Teacher:                        Kelly Hafner

Workload: 5                   Min: 5         Max: 12



2ND HOUR  (9:35 - 10:40)



This is a class for high schoolers where we will be learning about body systems, nutrition and exercise, mental health, first aid, drug use and reproduction and sexuality. We will be discussing intercourse and contraception. 8th graders accepted pending instructor approval.


Grade:                            HS

Class Fee:                      $20

Required Supplies:       Lifepac HS Health Units 1-5 Worktexts,.



Love, Sex and God - get the edition appropriate to your student. They are gender specific.






Teacher:                        Tara Bozarth

Aide:                              Alicia Coughlin

Workload: 4                 Min: 4         Max: 12




3RD HOUR (10:45 - 11:50)

Elegant Essay

Elegant Essay is the perfect tool to help any writer understand the components of essay writing. This is the skill that students will use most as they move through high school and college. Vocabulary will also be a component of this class. IEW experience is not necessary but helpful.


Grade:                            MS/HS

Class Fee:                      $150

Required Supplies:       The Elegant Essay by Lesha Myers. This can be purchased on the IEW website or Amazon. A binder with paper is also required. A pack of clear sheet protectors will also be needed. Barrons - Picture These SAT Words Edition is also needed and can be purchased on Amazon.

Teacher:                        Kelly Haftner

Aide:                              Victoria Gladden Torres

Workload: 5                 Min: 5         Max: 12


Polymer Clay Art


Polymer Clay is an exciting colorful sculpting medium that allows you to sculpt anything you can imagine. In this class you’ll learn all the basics plus tips from the pros so that you will have the knowledge to sculpt any of your ideas.  Included skills will be sculpting tips, working with color, and design concepts.  You will leave this class with a collection of your own sculptures and art, plus the knowledge you need to continue creating on your own.


Cost for class includes ALL tools and materials, nothing extra will be required.

I have almost 30 years experience working with polymer clay and currently serve as the Vice President of the Americas for the International Polymer Clay Association. I share projects over on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/bethwest as well as my Instagram account www.instagram.com/oneblockwest.


Grades:                          MS/HS

Class Fee:                      $200

Required Supplies:       all provided

Teacher:                        Beth West

Workload: minimal work to be done at home, most will happen in class  

Min: 3         Max: 12

Biology HS


A CLEP preparation class that meets all the requirements for a high school credit in biology as a lab class. This is an academic class with a heavy homework load with assignments a week before the start of co-op and over Christmas break. The fall semester will focus on biochemistry/microbiology labs and the spring will focus on dissections. Topics will include: Chemistry of Life, Basic Biochemistry, Introduction to the Cell, Cell Function, Enzymes, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, DNA, Mitosis, Meiosis, Genes, Heredity, Genetic Variation, Creation and Evolution Origins Models, Biological Classification, Viruses, Bacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plants, and Animalia. This is a year long class. Please need to buy the 2ND Edition of the Bio book for HS. Not the new 3rd EDITION.


Grade:                            HS

Class Fee:                      $100/semester

Materials Fee:               $150/year

Required Supplies:       Science Shepherd Biology Textbook, lab goggles, dedicated lab notebook, dedicated biology folder, internet access (with iGrade and quizlet accounts), colored pencils, pencils, scissors, double-sided tape

Teacher:                        Heidi Short

Aide:                              Jeni White

Workload: 5+               Min: 6         Max: 12

There will be daily worksheets/questions and reading/comprehension work and weekly vocabulary and concept tests.



4TH HOUR (11:55 - 12:55)

Biblical Archaeology


We will uncover and discover sites, history and artifacts from Biblical times and learn about the ancient civilizations that were thought to be myths. We will use God’s Word to unravel archaeological finds with a brief study of what archaeology is, followed by “Unwrapping the Pharaohs” and concluding with “Unveiling the Kings of Israel.” This course is 36 lessons. While some work will be done at home during breaks, it is important to note that this is a 2 part class. Fall = part 1, Spring=part 2. This 2 part class is considered 1 credit via Historical Science. There will be a medium workload with individual work, activities to complete and record and possible group meetings outside of class. Books will need to be purchased at masterbooks.com prior to the beginning of class.


Grade:                            MS-HS

Materials Fee:               $50

Required Supplies:       internet access, notebooks, pencils, “Unwrapping the Pharaohs” and “Unveiling the Kings of Israel”. On the Master Books website, search for Biblical Archaeology. Please purchase the complete set, including the teacher’s guide so you have the worksheets. The purchase should include 3 textbooks and the teacher’s manual. https://www.masterbooks.com/biblical-archaeology-pack

Teacher:                        Melissa Terhorst

Workload: 4                 Min: 5         Max: 12


Dave Ramsey’s -Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for


We will use the videos, workbook, and activities that directly applies to

the student’s actual finances. Each student will have clear understanding of debt, budgeting, saving, investing and other financial basics. I have lead 50+ families through Dave Ramsey’s FPU and the economy is my hobby.

The curriculum includes more than 35 activities that provide personal finance knowledge and life skills in a student-centered, competency-based approach to learning. The activities are also linked with our blended learning website, foundationsU.

● Meets standards and benchmarks in all 50 states

● Meets all Jump$tart national standards

● Case studies to engage students in real-world application of financial principles

● Parent guide to encourage ongoing interaction with financial topics

● Pre- and post-tests for the course and a summative assessment

● Scripture reference guide for additional study of Biblical teaching related to finances


Grade:                            HS

Class Fee:                      $80

Required Supplies:       None (students will be responsible for bringing the material provided)

Teacher:                        Pr. Kurt Hoover

Workload: 3                 Min: 4         Max: 12