Middle School (6th, 7th, 8th Grades)

1st Hour  (8:15 - 9:30)

American Sign Language MS/HS   (Closed to new students)


This course is an introduction to American Sign Language grammar, Deaf culture/history and basic conversational vocabulary with an expressive project and deaf event attendance requirement. Completing the entire year with a 70% or better will earn you a year of foreign language credit for college applications.

Teacher: Sarah Spoerl           Aide: Jen Lockie

Class Fee: $136 for individual/ $256 for siblings     

Minimum # of Students- 5       

Maximum # of Students- 15     

Workload: 5

Required Supplies: 1 inch binder, notebook, writing utensils, portable whiteboard with markers, colored pencils


2nd Hour (9:35 - 10:40)

History- Civil War  (7th grade-HS)  

During this 12 week long class the students will be focusing on what led to and the events of the Civil War.  Students can expect a moderate amount of written work in addition to studying for tests and quizzes. There will also be an individual or group project or presentation. This is a subject that I enjoy teaching, as I have taught American History for a good number of years to seventh graders in public school in Joliet. 

Students will be required to have a notebook and writing utensils in class every day. They will be required to take notes from Power point presentations.  I will be supplying all students with copies of handouts and booklets when needed.

Teacher: Tom Speilman           Aide: None

Class Fee: $65

Minimum # of Students: 5           

Maximum # of Students: 15           

Workload: 4

Required Supplies: Notebook and writing utensils in every class.  Handouts and booklets will be supplied when needed

Forensics 102 -MS/HS  


Forensics 102 is going to pick up right where Forensics 101 left off. We will continue exploring several fascinating topics of forensics including: DNA fingerprinting/profiling, toxicology, ballistics, blood evidence, entomology, anthropology and lastly death investigation. We will dive into each topic and go further than scratching the service as we do hands on activities for each topic. Forensics 101 is not a prerequisite, but encouraged. Please be prepared for 1-2 field trips outside of class time.

Teacher: Melissa Terhorst           Aide: None

Class Fee: $100 per semester- this is a year long course

Lab Fee: $25 per semester

Minimum # of Students: 5           

Maximum # of Students: 14           

Workload: 4- light end of semester project

Required Supplies: A dedicated binder, writing utensils, notebook, an inquisitive mind

3rd Hour (10:45 - 11:50)

Forensics 101 MS/HS


There is a fascinating world in forensics. Join me as we go through what forensics entails. We will learn the history, investigation process, explore crime scenes, travel through the courtroom as trials unfold and more. We will discover what is involved in nearly every aspect of the process from types of evidence, breaking down witness testimony and even trial preparation. This will be a 2-part class (fall/spring). 

Teacher: Melissa Terhorst           Aide: Victoria Gladden

Class Fee: $100 per semester

Lab Fee: $25

Minimum # of Students: 4           

Maximum # of Students: 14           

Workload: 3.5- light end of semester project

Required Supplies: general school supplies, 1 1/2 in 3ring binder, dedicated single subject notebook, possible need of a microscope

Crafting 102-Sample Class MS/HS

Crafting 102 builds on 101 with design, diamond dots, charcoal series drawing, paracord weaving and stitching.

Teacher: Katey Watson          Aide: TBD

Class Fee: $45 ($55 if you did not take Crafting 101)

Minimum # of Students: 5           

Maximum # of Students: 12           

Workload: 3

Required Supplies: All supplies are included

4th Hour (11:55 - 12:55)

Earth Science-MS (Closed to new students)

A beginning introduction to earth science with a focus on geology, weather, astronomy, and oceanography that sets the foundations for high school students. The class will focus on vocabulary and basic concepts. There will be a lecture, followed by a lab each week. This class is subject to the CCHC Academic agreement.


Teacher: Kim Oleszkiewicz          Co-Teacher: Jaren Wojewoda     Aide: Jen Lockie

Class Fee: $100

Lab Fee: $0

Minimum # of Students: 4           

Maximum # of Students: 12           

Workload: 5+ (There will be daily work and weekly tests)

Required Supplies: Dedicated lab notebook, dedicated folder, goggles, calculator, colored pencils, and pencils

Health & Fitness- MS/HS 

We will begin each class with a health lesson, and finish with exercise and learning to play different sports.

Teacher: Jessica Rutten          Co-Teacher: Tracie Orlowski    

Class Fee: $15

Minimum # of Students: 8          

Maximum # of Students: 12           

Workload: 0

Required Supplies:  Water, comfy clothes, gym shoes, notebook, folder and pencil