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4th Grade through 6th Grade

1st hour (8:30 - 9:25)

 Trails Through The West

Come join us as we journey across the American West! In this class we will discuss the Oregon Trail, Gold Rush, Trail of Tears, the westward expansion of the railroad and more. Join us for a fun semester learning all about the events that have shaped the western United States.

Teacher: Michelle Williams       

Aide: Needed

Class Fee: $30  

Minimum # of Students- 5       

Maximum # of Students-10    

Workload: 2

Required Supplies: pencil, colored pencils, markers and scissors 

2nd Hour  (9:30 - 10:25)


Passport to World History

Grab your passport (provided), and come along with us as we explore 12 different countries around the world. Students will learn historical timelines, major historical events, missionary work happening in these countries, as well as language and culture.

Teacher: Nicole Paulsen          

Aide: Needed

Class Fee: $30

Minimum # of Students- 6       

Maximum # of Students- 14      

Workload: 2

Required Supplies:colored pencils, #2 pencil, scissors, glue stick 

Dinosaurs and the Science of Paleontology

In this class, you will learn what the science behind dinosaur discoveries are based on. This class will include some hands on exploration, keeping a dinosaur journal, and various other projects. There will be a wide variety of activities, for you and your friends. There is still so much to learn about these amazing creatures from our ancient world. You will love this course!

Teacher: Becky Keller          

Aide: Needed

Class Fee: $20      

Minimum # of Students- 5        

Maximum # of Students- 12      

Workload: 0

Required Supplies: Crayons, glue scissors, colored pencils, regular pencils and eraser

Meet the Music Composers

Each week we will study a different composer and the beautiful music they gave us! Students will hear a brief biography of their lives, and also hear excerpts of pieces they created. We will divide the composers into groups based on what period they are from(Baroque, Classical, etc). The last 20 minutes of each class will be a "theory highlight," where the students will learn some music theory: the staff, note values, music alphabet, and more!

Teacher: Jennifer Larson          

Aide: Matthew Larson

Class Fee: $20     

Minimum # of Students- 5        

Maximum # of Students-10       

Workload: 1(might be light homework here and there, but mainly work will be done in class)

Required Supplies: 3-ring binder, dividers, paper, writing utensils, colored pencils or crayons

Assembly (10:30 - 10:55)

3rd Hour (11:00 - 11:55)

Money Matters For Kids

Let's have learning how God wants us to save, spend, and use our money for His good! We will learn how to balance a checkbook, what interest is, and so much more.

Teacher: Jodi Rupp          

Aide: Needed 

Class Fee: $25      

Minimum # of Students- 6      

Maximum # of Students- 15     

Workload: 1

Required Supplies: Notebook paper and writing utensils


Let's travel the world together and discover the wonder of God's creatures! Students will prepare a final presentation on an animal of their choice. Presentations will include a visual aid, either a poster or diorama. Supplies for the presentation will not be provided by the teacher. The visual aids from the presentation may be displayed at the Christmas program at the end of the semester.

Teacher: Angie Luka           

Aide: Katie Bohlin

Class Fee: $15      

Minimum # of Students- 7        

Maximum # of Students-  14    

Workload: 3


Required Supplies:  pencil, eraser, scissors, coloring supplies, glue stick, folder, presentation supplies

Beyond Hats-Exploration into all things loom knitting

Come learn beyond basic hat and explore all the amazing things you can do with a knitting loom. Have gifts for friends and family and use your skills to bless others in need.

Teacher: Katey Watson          

Aide: Needed

Class Fee: $15      

Minimum # of Students- 5        

Maximum # of Students-  10    

Workload: 2

Required Supplies:  Must have a full set of knitting looms and hook

4th Hour (12:00 - 12:55)


Move Those Big Muscles

We will exercise, learn to play some sports, and have fun!

Teacher: Jessica Rutten         

Aide: Lindsey Henderson

Class Fee: $15      

Minimum # of Students- 4        

Maximum # of Students- 15      

Workload: 2

Required Supplies: Comfy clothes, gym shoes, water

The Mighty Pen-IEW Level A

Using principles from the IEW program, students will write about science-themed topics such as insects, inventions, and famous scientists while they learn to write with Structure and Style. Students will build their writing toolbox as they learn about dress ups, decorations, sentence openers, word choice as well as topic sentences, clinchers, composition structure, story elements and more. Class is taught by an accredited IEW instructor. Open to new writers or those with only 1 year or less of IEW experience. This is a 2 semester course.

Teacher: Julie Renner          

Aide: TBD

Class Fee: $150 per semester (year long course)      

Minimum # of Students- 8        

Maximum # of Students-       

Workload: 5

Required Supplies: Materials: Wonders of Science student book (, Student Resource Packet ( from IEWcolored pens, highlighter, 3 ring binder, wide-ruled paper




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