4th Grade through 6th Grade

1st hour (8:30 - 9:25)

Big Manners Matter

Let’s have fun learning about communication, kindness, respect and honor through etiquette! Students will build on the basic foundations including formal and informal manners, conversation and correspondence, dining etiquette, and more. We will end our semester with a party to highlight and celebrate our new skills.

Teacher: Michelle Williams        Aide: None

Class Fee: $25  


Minimum # of Students- 6       


Maximum # of Students-12    


Workload: 1

Required Supplies: Pencil, notebook, something to color with

2nd Hour  (9:30 - 10:25)

Art History-Closed

Join us for a fun way to study Art history. We will learn about some of the great artist throughout history and recreate some of their inspirational paintings. We will be creating a new project weekly. We will be using acrylic paint on a few projects so be prepared to get a bit of paint on you!

Teacher: Becky Keller           Aide: Mandi Capo

Class Fee: $10


Minimum # of Students- 2       

Maximum # of Students- 12      


Workload: 1

Required Supplies: Smock shirt, Colored pencils, markers

The Mighty Pen- Level A

Using principles from the IEW program, students will build confidence in their writing by learning structure and style techniques. Before committing to a year long IEW course, students and parents can get a taste of what IEW has to offer in just one semester. Using a variety of source texts in non-fiction, fables, and stories, students will build their writing toolbox as they learn about dress ups, decorations, sentence openers, word choice as well as topic sentences, clinchers, composition structure, story elements and more. Class is taught by an accredited IEW instructor.

Teacher: Julie Renner           Aide: Victoria Torres

Class Fee: $150 for first child in family. $120 for additional siblings       


Minimum # of Students- 6        


Maximum # of Students- No Max      


Workload: 5

Required Supplies: Pencil, colored pens, highlighter, 3-ring binder with wide ruled paper, post its, index cards

Assembly (10:30 - 10:55)

3rd Hour (11:00 - 11:55)

Move Those Big Muscles-Closed


We will exercise, learn to play some sports, and have fun!

Teacher: Jessica Rutten           Aide: Lindsey Henderson 

Class Fee: $15      


Minimum # of Students- 8       


Maximum # of Students- 12     


Workload: 1

Required Supplies: Water, comfy clothes, gym shoes


Continued learning from Intro to ASL. Highlights of this class will include the following: students will learn more language skills and continue learning about the deaf community. They will learn to form sentences and how to converse with each other. There will also be a project due at the end of term. Students who completed Intro to ASL will be prepared for this class. If your student was not able to enroll in Intro to ASL and wants to join ASL 201, a list of learned signs from that class will be sent to you and it will be expected that the student learns them before ASL 201.

Teacher: Nicole Paulson           Aide: Allison Kelley

Class Fee: $25      


Minimum # of Students- 5        


Maximum # of Students-  12    


Workload: 3

Required Supplies:  3 ring binder, pencils, coloring utensils

4th Hour (12:00 - 12:55)


Road Trip

Travel across the United States and learn the state capitals, locations, main rivers, oceans, and more info on each state. We have started this year learning about the Midwest and southeast states, so we will continue learning the rest of the states. Come to class with an attitude to learn and grow!

Teacher: Jodi Rupp          Aide: Needed

Class Fee: $20      


Minimum # of Students- 4        


Maximum # of Students- 15      


Workload: 2

Required Supplies: Folder, coloring utensils, pencil

Human Anatomy Expedition-Closed

Come and learn a swift overview all about the human body. We will be discovering ten body systems, their functions, and how they work as a unit. This class offers hands on experience with model organs and bone visuals for representation, and worksheet pages for color coding and vocabulary practice.

Teacher: Anna Simms         Aide: Needed 

Class Fee: $15      


Minimum # of Students- 4        


Maximum # of Students-10      


Workload: 1

Required Supplies: coloring pencils, writing utensil

Craft Sampler class-Closed


Come explore the world of crafting with loom knitting, beaded weaving, cross stich and needle punch.

Teacher: Katey Watson           Aide: Needed 

Class Fee: $25      


Minimum # of Students- 5       


Maximum # of Students- 10      


Workload: 2 

Required Supplies: None