4th Grade through 6th Grade

1st hour (8:30 - 9:25)

Book Club CLOSED

Do you enjoy reading? Come and join our Book Club class! The books we will read will be historical fiction and/or non-fiction stories. The semester will start out with A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. For this book we will be testing some of the water from local rivers and creeks to see what kinds of harmful things might be in it. During our first class you will also have the chance to vote on the other two books we will explore! Each class we will discuss our readings and work on a project that goes along with our books.

Teacher: Julie Rowden           Co-Teacher: Katey Watson                                                 


Required Materials: Please bring pencils, a notebook, glue, scissors, and markers or colored pencils. You will also need access to a copy of A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park and the other two books that we will choose during the first class. Feel free to purchase the books or use the library, YouTube or audio services, if you find that helpful.

Class Fee: $25          Mininum # of Students: 4     Maximum # of  Students: 12          Workload: 4

2nd Hour  (9:30 - 10:25)

Art Techniques 4th-6th Grade CLOSED

We will be learning drawing and painting skills that will improve your skills. Join the class for a relaxed setting to learn with your friends.

Teacher: Becky Keller          Aide: Mandi Capo

Required Supplies: Pencil, large erasers, multi- media sketch pad


CLASS FEE: $20       Minimum # of Students- 4      Maximum # of Students- 20     Workload: 0

Move Those Big Muscles CLOSED

We will exercise, learn some sports, and play some games. Get ready to sweat in this class.

Teacher: Jessica Rutten          Aide: Michelle Williams

Required Supplies: water, clothes you can move in, and gym shoes

CLASS FEE: $15       Minimum # of Students- 4      Maximum # of Students- 16    Workload: 0

Craft Sampler class 4th- 6th grade CLOSED

Come enjoy a time to learn new skills , be creative, and create gifts for those you love. Skills included macrame, beading, cross stitch , pattern reading, and design.

Teacher: Katey Watson          Co-Teacher: Andrea Michel       

Required Supplies: Best attitude- all supplies will be included

CLASS FEE: $20       Minimum # of Students- 5      Maximum # of Students- 8    Workload: 2


Assembly (10:30 - 10:55)

3rd Hour (11:00 - 11:55)

Hands on Science-CLOSED

Did you know all of science obeys the law of creation? Join us for hands on science experiments that explore the laws God set in place. It’ll be a little chemistry, a little biology, a little physics and lots of messy hands on fun!!

Teacher Name:  Jessica Majerus           Aide: Jaren Wojewoda

Required Supplies: No supplies needed


Class Fee: $20          Min. # of Students: 4           Max. of Students: 15           Workload: 1

Road Trip U.S. CLOSED

States, Capitals, National Parks, oh my! We will be learning together how amazing our country is! Join me as we travel around the US and learn fun facts, capitals, and locations of all the states.

Teacher Name:  Jodi Rupp          Aide: Amanda Martin

Required Supplies: Pencil, Scissors, colored pencils/ crayons

Class Fee: $25          Min. # of Students: 4           Max. of Students: 15          Workload: 1

4th Hour (12:00 - 12:55)

Introduction to ASL-CLOSED

Children will learn to sign the alphabet, numbers to 20, signs for around the house, the farm, and the city. We will also cover colors, seasons, pronouns, and family signs.

Teacher: Nicole Paulson          Aide: Erin Range

Required Supplies: Pencils, Crayons or markers, Scissors, a 3 ring binder

CLASS FEE: $25       Minimum # of Students- 4       Maximum # of Students- 10     Workload: 2

Ancient Egypt CLOSED

Let's travel back in time to Ancient Egypt! We will use crafts and fun to find a love for history. Get your afterlife plans in order because you will get mummified!

Teacher: Tammy Thompson          Aide:  Victoria Gladden-Torres

Required Supplies: Scissors, Elmer's glue, glue stick, markers, crayons and pencil or pen.

CLASS FEE: $30       Minimum # of Students- 5       Maximum # of Students- 15     Workload: 0