Cornerstone is a Christian Homeschool Community in Joliet, IL dedicated to assisting families in nurturing their children by providing excellent instruction from a biblical worldview. Our group seeks to do this by offering quality academic and enrichment classes taught by teachers who openly express faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and using curriculum that teaches traditional values, Christian character, and biblical principles.


Cornerstone is also a support group providing and sharing prayer, support, ideas, encouragement, and friendship to strengthen our homeschooling families by and through faith in our Lord and Savior.


We meet on Monday mornings from 8:30-1:00 at Messiah Lutheran Church at 40 Houbolt Rd in Joliet, IL. Families can choose to participate in anywhere from 1 to 4 hours of class options throughout the morning. (You do NOT have to sign up for all 4 hours.) Various other activities and outings are hosted throughout the year. Because we are a cooperative, all parents play a part in making our mornings run smoothly.  


To glorify God in the training of our children, providing them with

the skills to think critically, clearly and Biblically.

To develop our children with strong Godly character, sound mind and body, so they may share with others the love of God, while learning to serve our Lord and Savior, the Chief Cornerstone.